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Product Designer

Yoran Nap

Currently the product designer @storbie. You can contact me at [email protected] and connect with me on @linkedin

I bring extensive experience and a skill set that revolves around the key areas of feature prioritisation, user interface design, and seamless collaboration throughout the software development lifecycle. My proficiency in prioritising features and managing product backlogs is well-aligned with my passion for creating user-friendly interfaces and exceptional user experiences, often utilising tools like Figma to meet business objectives.

My deep understanding of the software development lifecycle allows me to facilitate smooth collaboration between design and development teams, ensuring the successful launch of new functionality.

I also have a strong background in managing startup teams and mentoring fellow designers, creating an environment that fosters innovation and design excellence. Additionally, my ability to identify low-effort, high-impact opportunities consistently drives user engagement and satisfaction, aligning perfectly with business goals.

I possess strong development and engineering skills in C#, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, bridging the gap between design and development to ensure accurate implementation. Known for working closely with engineering teams to address design challenges, I contribute to the end-to-end development process. Even in fast-paced environments, my exceptional organisational skills and adaptability to changing priorities prove to be invaluable.

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